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4 Astounding Trends in the Landscape Design Industry

4 Astounding Trends in the Landscape Design Industry

After spending time and money renovating the inside of your property, you might have reached the stage of making sure your home’s exterior matches the beauty of the interior. But rather than dig some dirt and add a few random plants, why not go for something entirely out of the box in landscape design?

If you need a few ideas, you may see the value in looking at some of the most astounding landscaping trends, such as these below.

Social Designs

Homeowners often want to spend less time gardening and more time with their loved ones. You may not think you can do both, but it’s achievable with a few clever landscape design elements.

Essentially, people are starting to extend their indoors into the outdoors, with pergolas, gazebos, and other covered areas that allow people to be outside but with inside comforts. Some people are even going the extra mile with outdoor kitchens, outdoor heating, and even soft furnishings like rugs and throw pillows.

You may be surprised at how easy it is to plan a social landscape design, as well. You could rely on landscaping experts for help, or you could start with one element and build from it. For example, a fire pit, barbecue, or even a spa pool might be your focal point, and you can create your outdoor social space around those things.

Eco-Conscious Yards

Hardscapes are a preference for many people due to how low maintenance they are. However, an eco-conscious garden can be just as easy-care, but in a different way. These gardens tend to look slightly wild, with a wide variety of native plants, bushes, shrubs, and trees with no sense of order or organization. The wilder, the better.

With this landscape design, there’s no concern with significant maintenance, yet you’re doing nature a favour. The more plants you have and the larger the variety, the more bees, birds, and other creatures you’re inviting in for nourishment and shelter.

Food Plants

With grocery prices increasing every year, those with space in their yards to grow food are becoming interested in a landscape design that incorporates food. You might have raised garden beds for everyday vegetables like carrots and potatoes or an entire patch of earth dedicated to herbs.

Fruit trees are also a favourite with many Australians, as are delicious vegetables like tomatoes and broccoli. The more food you can grow yourself, the less you have to buy.

Vertical Gardens

When you only have a small yard, you might think you can only have grass and not much else. In reality, you can create an outdoor oasis with the right design and the expertise of a landscape business.

Vertical gardens are popular with people who can’t grow plants outwards. Instead, they grow upwards. Trellis, retaining walls, and other unique elements could be how you create a peaceful and serene slice of paradise for you and your loved ones.

Deciding what you want to do with all that spare space in your backyard can be hard work. While you could leave it as it is, why not turn it into a space you and future generations can enjoy? After a small amount of hard work, you can end up with a trendy and beautiful backyard you adore.