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7 Must Haves For Moving Into Your First Home

7 Must Haves For Moving Into Your First Home

If you have been living with your parents, family, or been a lodger in a friend’s apartment, but are now in a position to move into a new home or apartment of your own, there are plenty of items you are going to need for it. You may have a lot of belongings and even some furniture where you are now, and if you want that moved safely to your new home, we suggest you hire professional removalists to help you do so.

Even if you already have belongings you wish to take, you still want to make sure that you have all the essentials for your new home. For this reason, we have created a list of  7 must haves for you to work through to ensure you have each one.

#1: Bedding

We say bedding rather than a bed, as we presume you have already arranged for a bed to be delivered, but if not, here is your reminder. Otherwise, your basic bedding will include a mattress, a duvet or blankets, bed sheets, pillows, and pillowcases.

#2: Cups, Plates, Bowls, and Cutlery

Another essential will be the dishes that you eat your meals from and the cups and mugs for hot drinks such as teas and coffee, and glasses for cold drinks, and your favourite alcoholic beverages. Other items in this category will include mixing jugs, casserole dishes and fruit bowls.

Obviously, if you are going to eat you will need cutlery too with the basics being knives, spoons, and forks,. You will want other utensils as well with everything from potato peelers to carving knives depending on what you plan to use and how likely you are to use them.

#3: Electrical Appliances

What appliances you need may depend on the size of your new house, but the main ones will be washing machine, cooker, tumble drier, fridge/freezer, as well as smaller appliances, such as a vacuum cleaner, an iron, and a microwave oven.

#4: Pots and Pans

If you are going to cook anything then you will obviously need to use pots and pans, and these are relatively easy and inexpensive to purchase. Specifically, you will want a frying pan with at least one large pot and one small pot.

#5: Cleaning Supplies

This refers not only to cleaning products such as washing up liquid, floor cleaner, glass cleaner and furniture polish but also the equipment needed to use them. This means items like dusters, cloths, a mop, a bucket, and brushes. The most important of all of these? Toilet paper and air freshener!

#6: Toolkit

We are not suggesting that you go out and spend $1,000 on a huge tool chest with every possible tool you could think of, but rather we are thinking about you having some of the basic tools that you may need, especially in the first few days and weeks of moving in. A hammer, screwdrivers, some spanners, and pliers should suffice for most small assembly, maintenance  and repair jobs you may need to do.

#7: First Aid Kit

We are hopeful that this is an item that you never need to use, but it is better to have one and not need to use it, than to need one and not have it available. You can either purchase the individual items yourself such as plasters, disinfectant, bandages, and slings, or go down the more convenient route by purchasing one of those ready to use first aid kits where all the essentials are included.