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How to create a global Garden

Longer lasting, warmer summers with long periods of drought followed by heavy thunderstorms with monsoon-style rain means that our gardens will be transformed over the next 50 years.

Whilst gardeners must do all they can to maintain our native species, this changing climate is also an ideal opportunity to explore the variety of different colours, scents and architectural shapes that drought-loving Mediterranean and large leaved tropical plants offer. Think about creating a garden that is not only pleasing to look at but easy to maintain and requires minimum watering.

The major advantage of Mediterranean, sub-tropical and exotic gardens is that lawns do not have to feature as part of the design. This means that the amount of water required to keep them looking wonderful all year is hugely reduced.

Some people may find it hard though to sacrifice their lawn. If you still prefer to keep your lawn, then make sure it’s impact is minimised by following the Global Gardening lawn care suggestions and calendar.

If you want to explore your options then go to the ‘How to…’ fact sheets which provide some useful information that will help you to decide what is right when adapting or planting your Global Garden.