Global Gardening

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What is Global Gardening

GLOBAL GARDENING aims to change the way that we think about our gardens.

It encourages people all over the world to explore different ways of planting and maintaining their plants in our changing climate.

GLOBAL GARDENING combines horticultural, environmental and social issues to create a catalyst for how we garden in the UK.

Gardening has always been part of the British way of life. As a nation we set ourselves by the first cut of the lawn every spring and the end of summer has traditionally been heralded by harvesting crops of local apples.

All this is changing. Unpredictable seasonal temperatures and rainfall combined with extreme events such as drought, flooding and storms are bringing new challenges to gardens everywhere.

Whilst gardeners have always thrived on certainty, the onset of climate change appears to means that uncertainty is now the only certainty.

GLOBAL GARDENING prompts debate on the future of gardens in our changing climate

The traditional, lush English garden with its colourful herbaceous borders and manicured lawns is under threat. Our native plants are finding it hard to cope with changing weather conditions.. GLOBAL GARDENING encourages gardeners and the horticultural industry to adapt to these changes.

GLOBAL GARDENING advocates wise water management

Longer growing seasons, drier summers and higher average temperatures all year round are producing increased demand for the garden’s most precious commodity – water.

Recycling of water supplies is crucial to the survival of our plants. Gardeners will be encouraged to practise rainwater harvesting and re-use domestic water with minimum detergents whenever possible

GLOBAL GARDENING seeks to encourage garden centres to promote a greener style of gardening and advocate water conservation

Beth Chatto, 84 and a gardener all her life, says ‘We just can’t expect to carry on growing all those lovely bedding plants and dahlias “ Less intensive gardening without the use of chemicals and the introduction of wise watering must become an attractive proposition for the horticultural retail industry